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I'm Back!

Since I have suddenly become obsessed with making LJ icons (I made the one on this post) I figured I should be posting more...
School's starting up again soon: in one week, actually, and I don't have any of my textbooks or supplies (or even a backpack)! I'm going to go shopping for at least some of that stuff this week with my grandmother, so hopefully I'll feel less panicky after that.
I'm actually really active on tumblr currently, but I don't really like doing long text posts there so that will stay over here I think. Maybe I'll start transcribing my Japanese journal entries again. I'm on my third volume now! Hopefully I can fill it up quickly (it's always fun shopping for a new journal).
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Hello blog! I'm midway through finals right now. Or almost done, actually, but I have to wait until Monday for my last one. My school has strange final exam schedules. Anyway, I think I've done very well on all my exams so far, but I won't get my grades for my classes until the middle of next week.
Kamen Rider Gaim is getting really good! I'm getting distinct Ryuuki/Kabuto style inter-faction intrigue vibes from it. The suit designs are also way better than the fruit motif originally suggested. I like most of them better than most of the Wizard designs except for Beast's base form and Wizards' base and Infinity forms. (The colored coats on his Dragon forms always looked really cheap and plasticky to me.)
I can't wait until Saturday for the next episode of Gaim! I need to get back into my habit of drawing episode-reaction chibis, that was fun.

Hiatus Recap

I haven't posted on here in a while...
This December, I'm going to be taking the JLPT N3 in LA. Because of that and all the classes I'm taking this semester, I'm pretty busy! I've been trying to keep up on Japanese by reading a lot and also studying all the vocabulary required for the test. I've also been watching a lot of anime and tokusatsu (and the odd drama).
Kamen Rider Wizard finally ended last month; while it started well, it really struggled with writing and character development, so I wasn't terribly sorry to see it go. It was replaced by Kamen Rider Gaim and its breakdancing fruit warriors. Gaim is up to episode 4 so far, and seems to have very good writing and much better handled characters even though there are even more of them than in Wizard. (Also, it's very reminiscent of Kabuto, Ryuuki and W, all of which I liked.)
I ended up being pretty busy over the summer, so I didn't get as much sewing done as I wanted to, although my quilt project did make some progress. For Halloween, I was working on a Captain America costume (since I take costume classes it's fun to dress up), but my sewing machine tragically broke down a mere six inches from finishing. Since the needle froze in the down position, I won't be able to finish that particular project until I can get it out of the machine.

Summer Sewing Plans!

It has been rather a while since I posted here, hasn't it?

This semester, I took a Costume Patternmaking class which was great fun, although quite exhausting at times. For my final project, I made a pattern for a lolita bodice inspired by Angelic Pretty's 'French Cafe' onepiece. It turned out very well; I shall have to take some pictures to put up here.

Now that it's summer, I want to do a lot more sewing. I am a great fan of Jane Austen books, and I've wanted some Regency style dresses for quite a while. Added to that is the fact that I don't have a lot of summer clothes I like very much, and now I have plans to put together a whole Regency wardrobe! My mother purchased a pattern for Regency stays, but I'm going to try to design the dresses myself; the skirts are quite simple and I should be able to manage the bodices. I'm not going to obsess too much historical accuracy, since I'm probably going to end up making one out of Star Trek fabric or something, but I do want them to look right.
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私が発表したスピーチ(The Speech I Presented)

I'm really tired now after such an exciting day, so I'll put an English translation up tomorrow.














Goals for 2013

These aren't 'resolutions' really, as they're things I was planning on doing whether or not it happened to be a new year.

1. Get a job

2. Learn the rest of the kanji (800 to go, woot!)

3. Schedule permitting, take the JLPT N3

I think that's pretty doable. This semester just got crazy though, since I signed up for 2 more units (Costume Patternmaking; I hadn't been planning on taking it, but mom said "if it's going to be a long time before they have it again, why don't you take it and see how things go?" so I did) bringing my total up to 17. I might drop another class just to make things less hectic, but I don't know how hard the other classes will be.

School's Out!

I haven't posted any journal entries here in some time even though I have been diligently writing in my Japanese journal. This last semester was really hard; I was taking Economics and Statistics, which I had to work very hard to keep up in. My costume design class was great fun, though. I'll have to post photos of the awesome hat and banner I made.

Now I'm off school for Winter Vacation until almost the end of January. Next semester, I have two Japanese classes (IV and Conversation) as well as Weight Training, Geography and English 120 (again; I dropped last time, not because I have any difficulty writing but because the class environment was terrible).

Anyway, this vacation I'm planning on stocking up on Japanese books and manga and working on writing reviews of the ones I've read. I registered a blogspot site to put reviews up on, but I don't read Japanese terribly fast as of yet so I'm waiting until I have enough reviews to put one up a week and still not run out by the time I write more.

I haven't watched any more of Hibiki yet (because of how tired I usually was from school, I was sticking to shows that were easier to follow) so I'm planning on doing that as well as catching up on Wizard because I've heard the secondary rider is due and if this series is anything like the last several I'm going to love him.